1 - Questions Regarding Pricing / Taxes

What does “price excl. VAT” mean – what do I need to pay?

Prices are indicated excluding VAT for most countries. You may be required to pay the VAT of your country and/or some custom duties when the watch is imported.

Exemplary VAT rates per country are (indicative only, please double-check yourself):

  • Canada: 5-13%
  • Germany: 19%
  • Italy: 22%
  • France: 20%
  • Austria: 20%
  • Other EU countries: 19-27%

Taxes and custom duties will be charged by your local authorities and have to be paid directly to the courier upon receipt of the package or to customs by invoice (depending on country).

Prices including VAT – for shipments to Switzerland customs & taxes are already included in the quoted price. All potential additional taxes and fees will be covered by SWISS TIMEPIECES. 

2 - Shipping Questions

I just ordered my watch, what are the next steps?

The process starts once the money transfer is completed. Credit Card / Paypal wires are instantaneous, a bank wire transfer may take 2-3 working days. Upon receipt of the money, we need some time to prepare the watch as stated on the product page (“ready to ship in 3-5 working days” etc). Please be aware that even for watches that are “available now”, we need another 1-2 working days to do the final testing before shipping it out. This is necessary to ensure our highest quality standards. Once the watch has been shipped, you will be notified via email and provided with a tracking link to track your shipment.

Once the watch is shipped, how long does it take until I receive it?

Delivery times vary from country to country and may be prolonged due to unforeseeable events.

Usually, it will take some 2-7 working days to deliver to EU countries and some 5-8 working days to deliver to Oversea. Delivery to other countries may take up to 2 weeks.

If you require a better estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What shipping methods are available?

Shipping is always free for you. We typically ship by Swiss Post International Priority or Fedex. As soon as we ship it, we will send you a tracking link.

Can you ship to my country?

We ship to any country for free. However, please be aware that you need to import the watch yourself. In most countries this is a very smooth process, you just have to pay VAT or import taxes. We cannot guarantee this for any country. If you are unsure, please check with local customs.

Why do you need a phone number on order?

Shipping providers require your phone number in case of questions regarding your shipment. Your phone number will not be used for any marketing without your consent and it will not be given out to any third party (except shipping providers).

3 - General Questions

What is a “mechanical watch”?

A mechanical watch is a watch that is run without a battery. There are two main types of mechanical watches: Automatic watches (wound-up by the movement of the wrist) and hand-wound watches. Mechanical watches have been the backbone of the Swiss industry for a long time. They are a bit less accurate than battery-powered quartz watches (up to 20s deviation per day) but are hand-assembled and much more complex to build.

The model I want is not listed on the webpage, what can I do?

Just contact us via contact form. We will do our best to delivery any Epos watch from the active collection in a timely manner.

What guarantee do you offer?

SWISS TIMEPIECES offers a 2-year, international guarantee. For further information, please look into our terms of service.

How do I shorten my metal bracelet / rubber strap?

Metal bracelets and rubber straps are shipped in a standard size that offers plenty of margin for any wrist size. Most likely you will need to shorten the bracelet/strap to fit your wrist size. You should be able to do that at any local jeweler for a small charge.

Alternatively, you can let us know your wrist size, when you order your watch, and we will already shorten your bracelet for you before shipping. Please note that there is always an error margin for shortening bracelets just based on a measurement, so we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Where can I get service for my watch?

Small repairs and adjustments can usually be done by your local jeweler. For warranty cases or more complex repairs, you can send the watch directly to our headquarters in Switzerland or bring it to one of our official service centers.

Our shipping address is:

SWISS TIMEPIECES, Frédéric-Ingold 5, 2502 Bienne, Switzerland

Last updated: 30 April 2020

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